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How to Tell Your Crush You Like Him and Make All the Right Moves

From childhood, we are learning something that is afraid of adulthood, how you want to tell your crush while liking it. Unfortunately, this is never easy, it is never easy.
Learning to tell your crush that you like it, but how old the teen may be, you always take an interest in someone, and at some point, you have to tell him. Or, the option is totally avoiding social interaction. But, as we discussed - it is not realistic, and I do not recommend this option * as much as the day I want it was a viable option *.

When we were 10 years old and we needed to tell our crush that we liked them, then we found our friends to do this, while we worked in the corner of the school yard. Why can not we still do this! It worked fine, did not it? We do not need social interaction, do we? heck no. Okay, sorry, I was taken a little away. [Read: 18 decoded body language signals which show if you like your crush]

How do you tell your crush while liking it

Being uncomfortable in the form of social interaction, it is an essential part of life. To keep it clear, you need to know how you can tell your crush that you can meet him again by preparing the earth. This is the cycle of life or something ...

Turn on a power song, belt words, drink an energy drink, and let's go Find Emma Watson inside you. You are a powerful, independent woman who does not need any person. But like, if you are interested in crushing then you will not say "no" ...

# 1 Screen on it and ask for your baba. No? Do not like that strategy? Okay, how do you do this: Know the boy Looks funny, I know. But be his friend. Develop a relationship and development for the foundation. After all, how should you know that if you do not even know him then you have a crush on him? [Read: How to get someone to notice you and fall for you]

# 2 Hangout in the #Group settings first. Do not jump directly into one-one-one hangouts / dates. It seems that there is a lot of pressure to handle a person, and sincerely it takes a lot of pressure to handle for someone. Lose pressure, hang out in groups, and see how things go from there. You can actually know by anyone, how they interact with other people, not just you [Read: There are 15 signs to make sure that your boyfriend starts liking you]

Take # 3 slowly - but not slowly. I am not saying that you are interested that take a year's time. At that time man could marry someone else. Go slow, but hide the fact that you are interested in ... be your friend, but leave the subtle signs that you may be interested in. Reminder: I said subtle

It is important to leave the # 4 signal It is important but dangerous too. You do not want to be very strong and want to get him out of the cat. Be her friend, but say something unofficial, like "You look very good today." [Read: How to hit a boy so that he can read your hints and move forward]

# 5 Non-abnormal pick-up lines. Do not be grossy, just get hilarious If you are sometimes hanging, leave the most interesting pick-up line that you can find. Make sure it's hilarious, and not only scary. Remember, you are just friends now, and you want to push the boundaries, do not break them.

# 6 Test the water. When you leave pickup line or praise, does it bite? Their response is very important because it determines whether you should proceed or not. If interested, then he can start using those praise or awesome pick-up lines.

It can also spread between two of you in some special inner jokes. Such connections are great for building romantic relationships. [Read: 15 clear signs of tampering between a boy and a girl]

# 7 Just hang out both of you. Holy one once in a while ... it is an important thing to tell a crush like you. Seriously do not be funny with it. Just do a quiet and casual thing and say, "I've got this new Mammford and Sons Vinyl now. I do not know what you hear, right?", You should come and listen to the hangout. " Use whatever common link you share here.
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# 8 After successfully hanging at least once, this is the time. If he agrees to come out with you for the second time, then he either thinks you are a very good friend or more. Both rock, but we are actually trying to get here later. You are not really going to know that unless you crush it, you will like it * which will be on this hanging *. [Read: How to show a guy whom you like and still tease]

# 9 Tell him you like him. Once again, I have to stress this: just stay calm. At the end of this one-by-one time, when you are sitting comfortably with each other, you just have to say this. Grab the nerve to tell him how you feel about it.

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